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Now with our sucessful Kickstarter completed (funded at 205%!), we at GamerSusan are working hard to get backers their orders. For those who missed the Kickstarter, please do not fret! We'll get our storefront up and running soon so you can get on the pre-order list. Follow our progress by joining our mailing list and/or follow us on socials. 

New here? What is a GamerSusan? Glad you asked! GamerSusan is a customizable turntable for board games. It spins, slides, and is stackable, expandable, and portable - a perfect addition to your game night. 

We all know it's a drag to be on the wrong side of the table during game night, craning your neck to read the cards or to see your opponent’s position. Imagine simply spinning or sliding the game to access any area of the board, getting the best view possible - now you can. Sign up today!


No more bad seats in the house. Rotational game play makes all the difference in strategy games. 


The GamerSusan will expand indefinitely, turning the tables on your common gamer experience. 


Gamer Susan disassembles easily for storage and portablity. 


My family is a group of nerd gamers! We've grown up around gaming, and we're excited to add value to the wonderful tabletop gaming community. 

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