Welcome to GamerSusan!

We love board games!  The bigger and more complex, the better. Yet, we noticed that as games got more complex, the experience of playing got worse for some, those poor souls that sat on the other side of the table. 

You know what we’re talking about – you’re playing Splendor or Dominion and there’s a ton of cards out there. You got the chips and the beverage of your choice going, and the games getting interesting, but there’s that .1 sized Arial typeface you have to deal with. It isn’t cool picking up each card every time.  For games like Catan, it can be downright fatal not to see the patterns and the ports, and get a better perspective on the game. Even if you’re a monopoly fan, its nice to see the entire board at the simple flick of your finger. 

Enter Gamer Susan  – a super low profile, a custom turntable that’s sleek and portable. We’re still in the final stages of manufacturing, and you know this is when Big Money is needed to get economies of scale. We’re preparing to fund this through crowdsourced. 

There are two types of people – I need this NOW people and the more cautious – I’ve been burned before and I need to see this more before I commit. 

We love you both. So, for those who are bold and want to jump in, we have the special VIP Access. VIP Access will get you early access to the Kickstarter, and thus higher on the shipping order. For one measly dollar. That’s right people, One buck. Click here and get on this list.

For the more cautious, we completely understand. For you, we offer the simple, no-commitment email address. With this, you’ll be sent periodic emails about our progress and the date when the campaign is going live. You’ll be earlier than those not on this list, and that’s a good thing.

Now behold the wonderful slideshow below, of my family and friends enjoying these prototypes. Trust me, for most games nights we reach first for the GamerSusan!